The Circulus Alumni Network

The benefits of a Coached Secondment will ripple out beyond the people directly involved into the wider organisations and beyond. The Circulus Alumni Network supports and facilitates this.

As soon as you start working with us, all parties are invited to join a network of people involved in Coached Secondments. All parties can join whether the Individual, the Home Sponsor or the Host Sponsor.

This Circulus Alumni Network provides support to you through the process. Independent colleagues can act as an additional sounding board for your thoughts, ideas and questions before, during and after the Coached Secondment.

As your Circulus Alumni Network grows you will build powerful and trusted connections to create new and successful alliances.

Events and opportunities to meet and talk with others in the Circulus Alumni Network are organised on a regular basis.


“My ideal would be to move across the road, three houses down and look at my life from that perspective.”
Sir Jonathan Miller.