A Coached Secondment - Why It Works

Take a moment to recall what it is like when you return to work from holiday or start a new job? For a brief moment you see things with fresh eyes, as an outsider looking in. You are full of new observations and questions. You see the changes that are needed. A Coached Secondment enables companies to sustain these new perspectives to analyse and act on the insights that are generated – you will find new solutions in a 3-Dimensional joint venture.

Why a coached secondmentA Circulus Coached Secondment facilitates the Home, Host and Individual to:

  • Learn from the inside out
  • Recognise each others’ drivers
  • Understand each others’ processes
  • Be aware of  each others’ motivations
  • Build trust and future development
  • Find mutually beneficial changes
  • Embed learning

Using our specially structured flexible approach the outcomes will be planned for, coached and measured. Like any critical business change you will need to create the Business Case and track the ROI.

Traditional secondments tend to benefit only the Individual. A Coached Secondment is a 3-Dimensional approach leading to a ripple effect of benefits throughout the Home and Host organisations. The Individual is at the centre of this. Coaching facilitates the co-operative working of all 3 parties to maximise the benefits.

Coached Secondments succeed by

  • Identifying and leveraging organisational and cultural differences
  • Articulating clear structured goals for all of the three parties
  • Using a clear and flexible structure
  • Providing support and challenge through Executive Coaching
  • Building trusted relationships




  • Employees on the Bench: Improve the value of under-used employees with a Coached Secondment to a partner company
  • Interim Management: Have you considered engaging an Interim Manager? A Coached Secondment can fill this requirement and still provide an opportunity to improve the skills of the individual secondee and provide long term benefits to his employer
  • Short Term Projects: Do you fear that a consultant would “leave with half the value”? Use a Coached Secondment to embed success for all