Coaching and Coached Secondments

Address business relationships with Coached SecondmentsWe provide traditional coaching services and Coached Secondments:

What are the issues facing your organisation?

Business Relationships

  • Are your key supplier negotiations protracted?
  • Does a client consistently blame you for slow delivery caused by inter-dependencies?
  • Do you have a potential or existing JV partner that is always ‘at odds’ with you – the lawyers always seem to be involved in discussions?
  • Are there new clients you want to build business with?
  • Are you looking to support senior managers leaving the organisation in a mutually supportive way?
  • How can you strengthen relationships with your business partners?

Coached Secondments creatively address these business issues

Case study: a manufacturer wants to reduce inventory costs, but its key supplier fears it will lose out

Talent Management

  • How can you keep your top talent as the job market changes and people are no longer ‘corporate captives’. The high cost to replace departing Star Performers - money, performance and intellectual capital - has been proven to be considerably more than employers anticipate
  • How can you give your top talent the leadership experience they need to have before promoting them to a more senior position?
  • How do you develop the skills you need your top talent to have in a flat organisation structure?
  • How can you re-energize and enhance the skills of senior managers following significant downsizing?

Coached Secondments creatively address these Talent Management issues 

Case Study: a company has a flat management structure with insufficient opportunities to meet its leadership development plans


  • If you are a public sector organization facing significant staff cuts explore how a Coached Secondment could add value either as an interim measure or with a senior manager leaving the organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Have you previously considered seconding someone to a charity? How do you ensure everyone maximises the opportunity? A Coached Secondment will find the best placement and use coaching to achieve this for all
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Are you involved in an M&A? A Coached Secondment could help build effective long term relationships in the new organisation