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Coached Secondments Success Stories - Circulus

Within weeks of returning I was in the thick of it and Greg Dyke appointed me to lead the implementation of some hefty creativity initiatives that helped deliver innovation on big collaborative projects, some with external partners. E.g. Coast on BBC TWO, Voices on Radio 4.
A senior producer.

 If only I had had a coach, we could all have gained so much more.  I am going to put that recommendation to my bosses.  What a great way forward.

A newly qualified lawyer seconded to work in a client’s organisation for four months. 

We generated a major increase in productivity estimated to be three times the cost of the Secondment

A senior producer in a Large UK Broadcasting Company

In personal terms my assignment gave me the opportunity to leave and then to come back to my company to do one of the most fulfilling jobs of my career.


Encourages partnerships and networks which would not otherwise have happened – opens up barriers.

A senior manager in a Host Organisation

Improves communication across a diverse organisation and encourages cross fertilization of ideas and collaborative working.

A Head of Department in the BBC World Service

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63% of respondents identified external assignments as very effective (the highest response rate) for developing leaders. results of a CIPD survey: DDI United Kingdom Global Comparison: Leadership Forecast 2005-2006: best practices for tomorrow’s global leaders.