Our Vision, Values and Mission

Our Values

Our values are the basis upon which we make judgements.


  • Meet our commitments
  • Succeed together
  • Energise
  • Challenge
  • Support
  • Keep things clean, clear and simple
  • Put learning into practice

Our purpose is:

  • to build a community that works to resolve each others’ issues and solve problems together
  • to enable people to improve their skills or outcomes by developing with each other
  • to enable learning for all whilst achieving appropriate ROI
  • to effect a win-win-win outcome

Our Mission

We enable a coaching culture and effective secondments.

Through the creation of a centre of excellence we enable long-term, effective solutions to business issues using Coached Secondments. As independents we are trusted to deliver an effective solution for all the parties involved because we:

  • have a repeatable and adaptable process for all
  • ensure all parties create appropriate goals which are continually evaluated to judge ROI
  • coach all parties through the process to maximise ROI
  • transition the secondee effectively in and out
  • enable all parties to understand and make use of the outcomes in the long-term
  • demonstrate the value of effective secondments