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Research and Publications

Phil is leading the way in researching the impact of secondments in organisations. This includes as part of his PhD at Cranfield University into the value to organisations of international assignments plus a research grant by the Henry Grunfeld Foundation. Publications include:

Seconded National Experts and Global Mobility - extending the paradigm. [Conference Paper] EIASM 6th Workshop on Expatriation, Catania, Italy. By Phil Renshaw Sept 2016

Between two worlds: coaching employees on international assignment. Coaching Today. Issue 19. Page 20 – 24. Renshaw, P. St J., Dickmann, M., and Holland, D. July 2016

A surprising link between creating global leaders and social value. Social Value and Intangibles Review. Phil Renshaw. April 2016, p42-44

The value of an international assignment is as important as the cost. Professional Outsourcing Resources. By Phil Renshaw. April 2016

Tripping up, Accounting and Business, March 2016, p62-3. By Phil Renshaw

FEM EMEA Summit Nov 2015 - An Academic lens on proceedings. By Phil Renshaw

Seconded National Experts and Global Mobility - a working paper - by Phil Renshaw. July 2015

See the Other Side - by Phil Renshaw. Published in The Treasurer. May 2015

How Secondments Could Improve Regulation - by Phil Renshaw, Professor Michael Dickmann (Cranfield School of Management) and Professor Abby Ghobadian (Henley Business School). Published in The Banker magazine. March 2015.

An Infusion of the New - by Phil Renshaw and Professor Abby Ghobadian (Henley Business School). Published in Financial World magazine. December 2014/January 2015

Secondments - A Missed Opportunity  - by Deryn Holland and Phil Renshaw. March 2013


We have authored many articles and books in the field of leadership and coaching. Here are just a few:

The Secret Sauce is Continual Coaching - A Guest Blog, Phil Renshaw

Leadership 101 - by Margaret Lloyd and Brian Rothwell

Leadership (Fast Track) – by Ian Lawson

Putting Learning into Practice. A study at the BBC in “Leading in Act ion”, Center for Creative Leadership. Written by Holland, Firsht & Wickes, 2003

Enabling Outstanding Leadership. Article in The Internat ional Journal of Leadership in Public Services Volume 6 Issue 2 May 2010. Written by Ian Lawson

The Possibility Horizon. Article in Journal of Change Management Volume 3 Dec 2002. By Margaret Ll oyd and Sheridan Maguire.


Leadership Workshops with a Twist - Jumping the Leadership Gap

Working together with Mark Ellis and CultureTransform

Join us for a novel approach to a workshop focused on your specific needs.

With our decades of combined experience working as facilitators, trainers, mentors and more we have identified an endless number of techniques that can be used to help with our leadership challenges. Often the same approaches can be valuable for very different situations. Seeing these connections has a great impact in helping us find our own solutions proactively rather than reactively.

Rather than attending a workshop with a defined agenda we aim to adjust the tools and techniques we share depending upon the interests and needs of the participants. We don’t expect you to share the details of your challenges with a group of strangers if you don’t want to. Rather by working with themes and concepts we explore different approaches you can use both in real time and in the future.

Uniquely, whilst these are morning workshops we provide lunch AND a free afternoon for anyone who has the time and inspiration to continue working with us. We will move from the general to the specific as the day progresses.

Leadership gaps you may be facing and we can work on together include;

  • The functional gap – how to work with colleagues from other departments
  • The engagement gap – how to engage your team or your workforce
  • The cultural gap – how to understand and change culture
  • The conflict gap – how to manage personal, departmental or organisational conflict
  • The promotion gap – how to understand your gap and bridge it

Maximum participants 12

Join us for a whole new way to create effective change and Jump that Gap

There are no public events currently scheduled, but if you are interested to join in please contact us for further details: Phil or Deryn via email.


Strategic Partners

Circulus works with specific businesses that have a strategy, ethos and direction which mirrors and complements our own work. Please click on the links below for further details.

Position Ignition logo

Position Ignition  is a market leader in executive career consulting and career transitions. Position Ignition helps individuals with executive career change, job search and other mid-career challenges.

Position Ignition for Organisations helps organisations with risk management, succession planning, change management and the effective management of senior workers.

SCCI - Science of Collaboration


SCCI  measures the performance of collaborative business relationships using a scientific technique – Partnerlink - that is both quick and highly cost-efficient.

The process provides both metrics for focusing management action and diagnostics to improve performance of the joint business.