Innovative companies evaluate the ROI of all their activities. This starts with describing a clear business case.  Our role is to facilitate clarity in the shared business cases that have 3 dimensions and to enable the ROI evaluation.

Circulus advocates Coached Secondments to improve your business outcomes. Whether this is to improve sales, resolve a litigious partnership or retain your Top Talent, we must review all the possible costs and benefits involved to validate the chosen solution.

Some people claim it is impossible to evaluate the ROI on coaching or leadership development activities. With our extensive business experience, including as a Finance Director of a major company, we believe this demonstrates a lack of understanding as to how ROI calculations are created. It is not only possible, it is critical.

A Business Case always requires expert opinions to evaluate the lack of certainty, for example:

  • Who decides an operation will become more efficient and evaluates the savings?
  • Who decides the cost of renting a building over 10 years will change?
  • Who decides the value of an investment in a new feature on product sales?

We know that goals can change and that there will be unanticipated outcomes too.  We will work with you to enable all parties to recognise, articulate and evaluate the progress and outcomes of the Coached Secondment using our combined expert opinions.

We have some example analyses to illustrate how this works in practice. Case studies include

  • A manufacturer wanting to push down its inventory costs
  • A retailer needing a long term succession plan for senior management

If you are interested in discussing these in more detail, please contact us.