What is a Coached Secondment?

A Coached Secondment is an imaginative and unique business solution providing a return on investment to the secondee (Individual), the organisation the Individual works for (Home), and the organisation the Individual is seconded to (Host). It is 3-Dimensional. This could be an internal secondment, within a company, or an external secondment between two separate organisations. There is particular value when dealing with international relationships.

The key to its success is a structured yet flexible process combined with individual coaching for all the key parties.

Circulus will create and design the Coached Secondment to achieve the goals and more of all 3 parties involved.  We will help you design the optimal length of the secondment, according to the circumstances..

As the centre of excellence in this field we facilitate connections between different organisations, different sectors, clients and suppliers, seeking contrasting approaches at opposite ends of your spectrum. 

You will resolve critical business issues from developing and building the loyalty of your Top Talent to opening up new sales opportunities.

Circulus Coaching supports and challenges all the parties to optimise the investment and share the learning across the participating organisations. A Coached Secondment is direct, engaging and active learning for everyone.  We promise to make it so.

Wherever the individual goes on secondment, the organisation culture will be different: whether he or she goes to a different division, a subsidiary, a new business, or a different sector. Coaching helps the Individual to recognise this and adapt quickly and consciously, to leverage their knowledge through awareness and to become a powerful force for change and development.  

We use our experience and expertise at Circulus to create a fully supported process

  • Detailed documents addressing queries from all parties be they legal, behavioural or practical
  • Standard checklists for all parties to ensure a smooth process both internally and externally – we have anticipated the questions that need to be considered
  • An Alumni mechanism for participants to share ideas and answer questions

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“It’s not the people who are an organisations’ best resource, it’s the relationships among them.”
Will Hutton, Executive Vice Chair, The Work Foundation.