"Phil coped very well with the fact that I was in a very different mental state in various sessions and always helped me to be more positive at the end of the meeting than I had been at the start"

Senior Manager, Global Management Consultancy

"Deryn’s coaching style was the best I have encountered. Deryn is highly skilled at helping you to define a problem and explore ways to move forward that work for you. I always left energised and excited to try out new ways of moving forward. I can’t recommend her more highly."
Charity Chief Executive

"Once again, sincere thanks for being such an excellent Facilitator today Deryn. I really appreciated how quickly you got a feel for the group, and for what would work, and what might not work. You did so much to create a “safe” environment for us, and I really think that the outputs from the group reflect that."
Chairman, Education sector

"I found the calls with Phil extremely helpful. He was challenging and insightful, using open questions to challenge

me and help me to reflect & then move forward by encouraging me to come up with some clear actions."

Director, Global Management Consultancy

"Working with Phil as a coach is a great experience. He empowers you to use your own resources to deal with situations and develop skills and strategies for the future. As a coach he has strong listening skills, gives clarity and focuses you on the key issue. He constantly challenges you to break down the barriers to realising your potential in a way that is direct and practical. He always leaves you with a result and new strength for dealing with the future."
Head of UK HR, Global Pharmaceutical company